Avella Specialty Pharmacy

UnitedHealth Group

“AdhereTech improves adherence and generates 1-2 additional fills of medication per patient per year, across multiple specialty medications and diseases”

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  • "Averaged across all patients and programs… AdhereTech has improved duration on therapy by 26%, fill rates by 9%, and dose-level adherence by 15%."
  • "Patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with the average patient satisfaction rating at 4.7 out of 5."
  • "Avella currently uses the AdhereTech program for five specialty medications, in programs with four different pharmaceutical manufacturers."

Diplomat Pharmacy

Largest Independant Pharmacy in the US

“The average patient using AdhereTech bottles experienced more than one additional medication fill [annually]”

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  • "Over a year, the average patient using AdhereTech bottles experienced a 12 percent higher patient retention rate"
  • "19 fewer gap days [annually] (time without medication between fills)"
  • "Adherence and persistence improvements for patients using AdhereTech"

Avella Specialty Pharmacy

UnitedHealth Group Clinical Use-Case

“Significantly improved patient adherence"

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  • "Median adherence rate of [AdhereTech] patients was 100% adherence compared to 90.75% in the [non-AdhereTech] control group"
  • "Patients in the [AdhereTech] arm took 83% of doses within the recommended window, compared with 22% in the control arm"
  • "Positive feedback from [patients]"
  • "Pharmacists only had to make one intervention for patients [using AdhereTech]... [compared to] 10 interventions for patients [not using AdhereTech]"
Most of the AdhereTech’s data reports are confidential, but some non-confidential reports can be shared with relevant parties, upon request.
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